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An extremely lightweight, closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, thermoformable, and self-adhesive at forming temperature.

Plastazote® is available in three densities:

  • Plastazote® #1 (medium) has a Shore A durometer of 15 and is in stock in pink, red, green, blue, and yellow. 
  • Plastazote® #2 (firm) is white, and has a Shore A durometer of 25. 
  • Plastazote® #3 (rigid) is black, and has a Shore A durometer of 60. 

Plastazote® #1 is extremely soft and provides excellent cushioning. Under constant or repeated load it will conform to the foot’s plantar surface, distributing pressure away from ulcerated areas and sore spots. As it conforms, however, it bottoms out, and is therefore best used in conjunction with other materials, such as PPT®, which are more resistant to compression set and will retain their cushioning properties over time.

Plastazote® #2 is slightly firmer than #1, and provides a measure of support while still molding dynamically under the weight of the wearer.

Plastazote® #3 is rigid, provides a high degree of lightweight support, and will compress very little, if any, depending on the weight of the wearer.

Both #2 and #3 can be used in combination with #1 to provide a firm base and enhance the durability of accommodative orthoses, enabling the fabricator to create devices custom tailored to the weight and activity level of the wearer.

Recommended Oven Temperature - 275º Fahrenheit

Model NumberDesc.Sheet Size
PZ1002#2 Firm (LD70) White1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ1006#2 Firm (LD70) White3/16 X 34 X 67
PZ1009#2 Firm (LD70) White1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ1015#2 Firm (LD70) White3/8 X 34 X 67
PZ1022#3 Rigid (HD115) Black1/2 X 30 X 40
PZ1026#3 Rigid (HD115) Black1/8 X 37 X 24
PZ1027#3 Rigid (HD115) Black1/4 X 25 X 37
PZ1031#3 Rigid (HD115) Black1/2 X 25 X 35
PZ1032#1 Medium (LD45) Pink1/16 X 30 X 40
PZ1034#1 Medium (LD45) Pink1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ1039#1 Medium (LD45) Pink3/16 X 30 X 40
PZ1044#1 Medium (LD45) Pink1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ1049#1 Medium (LD45) Pink3/8 X 30 X 40
PZ1054#1 Medium (LD45) Pink1/2 X 30 X 40
PZ1059#1 Medium (LD45) Pink1 X 30 X 40
PZ2000Medium (LD45) Red1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ2010Medium (LD45) Red1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ2020Medium (LD45) Red1/2 X 30 X 40
PZ2039Medium (LD45) White3/16 X 30 X 40
PZ2050Medium (LD45) Blue1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ2060Medium (LD45) Blue1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ2070Medium (LD45) Blue1/2 X 30 X 40
PZ2080Medium (LD45) Green1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ2090Medium (LD45) Green1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ2100Medium (LD45) Green1/2 X 30 X 40
PZ2110Medium (LD45) Yellow1/8 X 30 X 40
PZ2120Medium (LD45) Yellow1/4 X 30 X 40
PZ2130Medium (LD45) Yellow1/2 X 30 X 40